¿Sabes de Revenue Management? ¿Te gustaría aprender?

Súbete a nuestro hotel virtual y enfréntate a las decisiones que se enfrentan los grandes maestros del Revenue. ¿Serás capaz de tomar la mejor decisión?

A través de una serie de retos demostrarás e incrementarás tus conocimientos.

Consigue tu certificado que te acredita como TOP REVENUE MANAGER 2023  

Solo 500 plazas disponibles

Tiempo estimado: 37 segundos  

Es para ti

¿Para quién es este reto?

Para Revenues, pero no solo para Revenues: profesionales que quieran destacar.

Revenue Managers en activo

Exprime tu cerebro y logra certificarte como uno de los profesionales con más conocimientos en español.

Disfruta del camino del Revenue.


¿Has pensado en dar el salto a Revenue Manager?

Estos retos van a prepararte para tu realidad. Disfruta, porque marcará un antes y un después en tu carrera profesional. 

Directores de Hotel

Siempre decimos que un director de hotel debe saber un poco de todo. 

Este reto actualizará tu mente para que sigas ejerciendo tu cargo con seguridad. 
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02 — ¿En qué consiste?

Cada día una nueva oportunidad

1. Cada mañana recibirás en tu WhatsApp el reto del día. 
2. Podrás darnos tu respuesta, que será cerrada con opciones y abierta (un breve texto)
3. Por tus respuestas recibirás una puntuación.
4. Al final del reto los que obtengan una mayor puntuación serán asignados como TOP Revenue en español. 
03 — Testimonials

Here's what past attendees are saying

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"I was feeling really lost in my career and wasn't sure what steps to take to move forward. This webinar gave me so much clarity and direction. The speakers helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, set realistic goals, and develop a plan to achieve them. I feel much more confident about my ability to succeed and advance in my field. Thank you!"

John Smith

"I've attended a lot of career development webinars, but this one was truly exceptional. The speakers were knowledgeable, engaging, and clearly passionate about helping people succeed in their careers. I learned so much about setting goals, managing my time, and navigating office politics, and I've already started applying these strategies to my own work. I can't recommend this webinar enough!"

Michael Levine

"I loved the mix of theory and practice in this webinar. The speakers presented solid research on topics like growth mindset and time management, but they also gave practical examples and exercises for applying these concepts to real-life situations. I've attended a lot of webinars that are all theory and no action, but this one was the perfect balance."

Rachel Bardot

04 — Webinar hosts

Meet your webinar hosts

Don't just take our word for it! Our previous attendees have transformed their businesses and created successful online courses after attending our webinar. Here's what some of them have to say:
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Tom Solace

The webinar host, John Smith, is an experienced online course creator and online entrepreneur. With many years of experience in the industry, John has helped countless individuals turn their passions into profitable careers and distills complex concepts into easily digestible information. Through this webinar, you'll have a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in your career, as well as practical tools for achieving your goals.
  • 5+ Years of experience in the online learning industry 
  • Host to over 20+ webinars and campaigns
  • An expert in leading students to succeed in their careers
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Mike Stobbard

Meet our webinar host, Mike Stobbard, a seasoned professional with years of experience in online learning. Mike is a skilled communicator with a passion for engaging with audiences and delivering valuable insights. His ability to create an inclusive and collaborative environment ensures that everyone has a chance to participate and learn. Mike is always up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.
  • 2+ Years of experience in the online learning industry 
  • Host to over 15+ webinars and campaigns
  • Committed to bring a unique perspective to the table